Dialysis Surgery

The use of SeraSeal™ for the creation of a fistula, graft, or placement of a catheter for dialysis is highly recommended during surgery to control bleeding, rather than cauterization, for SeraSeal™ achieves hemostasis without destroying the tissues. Research has shown that there is a 25% failure rate of an AV fistula, graft, or catheter, which are prone to clot formation, blocking the shunt. A higher dosage level of Heparin to prevent the potential of a fibrin clot to the shunt could possibly be considered, although this approach will increase the level of coagulopathy. SeraSeal™ is very effective in all forms of coagulopathy, even in extreme cases of coagulopathy should bleeding occur.

Although a brachial-cephalic or brachial-basilic fistula aneurysm is rare, should this occur SeraSeal™ can be effectively used in surgical aneurysm repair?

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