Gastrointestinal Surgery

Patients with active gastrointestinal bleeding can hugely benefit from SeraSeal™ application. 5ml of Seraseal™/Fastact a CE-certified medical product for human intraoperative used as a hemostatic agent is topically applied via catheters to the bleeding site. In group A, Seraseal™ is applied as the initial method for hemostasis. In group B, Seraseal™ is applied after an initial failure of the institutional standard method. Homeostatic success is determined by 5 min without bleeding at the gastrointestinal site. after application of Seraseal™. If a blood saver is used in surgery, Seraseal™ can be used when a separate suction canister is used when irrigating the wound site where Seraseal™ was applied to arrest the bleed. Seraseal™ reduces blood loss by up to 90% in 40% of surgical cases.

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SeraSeal™, the world’s first and only primary hemostatic agent, has multiple application systems. To learn how, when, and where to use SeraSeal ™ can make the difference between life and death.

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