Bleeding wounds

SeraSeal™ can be used on all bleeding wounds. Agar, the complex sugar in SeraSeal™, when added to a bleeding wound, will cross-link with the ions of platelet phospholipids, and cations from amine groups in fibrinogen/fibrin monomers and tissue proteins, forming an a-1,6-linked galactophospho and a-1,6-galactoamine forming a gelatin barrier over the wound.
This barrier reduces blood from escaping through the opening of the wound, allowing the patient’s cascade system to form a fibrin clot sooner. The second active agent, vitamin K factors II, VII, IX, and X, function in an ancillary way, by facilitating the agar to cross-link with the platelets and fibrinogen, lending strength to the gelatin barrier, and by biologically facilitating only the blood outside of the wound, which has already been activated by tissue thromboplastin from platelets and damaged cells due to trauma, to assist in forming a clot. The clotting cascade is a biological activity system, and the clotting factors in the product are participating in this biological activity as a catalyst to form a fibrin clot.
Further, platelets do an internal surface translocation, where more phospholipids are available to cross-link with agar, and covalent lysine to glutamine linkages between gamma chains of adjacent fibrin molecules and between adjacent alpha chains create clot stabilization.

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