Bleeding Of The Eye

Injuries can cause bleeding in the front (or anterior chamber) of the eye between the cornea and the iris. This part of the eye holds a clear liquid called aqueous humor. Folds in the back (or posterior chamber) of the eye called ciliary processes make this fluid. It then passes through the pupil into the anterior chamber. The symptoms could be

  • Pain
  • Blurry, cloudy, or blocked vision, or vision with a red tint
  • Blood in the front of your eye
  • Sensitivity to light
venous bleeds
SeraSeal™ is a highly effective hemostatic agent that arrests capillary and venous bleeds in seconds (3-5 seconds).

By applying one to 2 drops’ the blood will turn into a cherry colour’ indicating hemostasis. SeraSeal™ has a ph of 7′ active in the presence of anticoagulants and factor deficiencies with a specific gravity of 1.02 without side effects or adverse reactions. I.0 ml represents approximately 22 drops. SeraSeal™ can be applied to any tissue on the body and has no limit to age or surgical procedure.

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