29 Apr, 2022

Hemophilia: A bandage is not enough!

Blood consists of 7% of the human’s weight. It might be only 7%, but it plays a very important role. Losing more than 40% of your blood can be fatal. And significant blood loss can occur due to major traumas, accidents, or surgical failures. Now imagine losing so much blood over a small cut.  Such is the life of a patient with hemophilia. 

Now let’s discuss what is hemophilia? And the condition of hemophilia in India. 

What is hemophilia?

When a person gets a cut or a small wound and starts bleeding, the bleeding stops on its own after a few minutes. This is because the blood starts to clot. But when a person has this blood disorder, he lacks these blood-clotting proteins in his blood. Therefore to stop the bleeding, a simple bandage is not enough. 

This bleeding can sometimes occur without any injury as well, like bleeding gums of heavy menstrual flow, or when you go to the dentist for a dental extraction, the bleeding is difficult to manage. Prolonged bleeding after a minor injury is also a sign of hemophilia. 

  • Hemophilia A (low levels of factor Ⅷ)
  • Hemophilia B (low levels of Factor Ⅸ)

A hemophilic person can suffer from:

  • Bleeding in the joints leads to chronic joint disease and pain. 
  • Long-term problems like seizures and paralysis caused due to bleeding in the head.
  • If bleeding starts in any vital organ, it may be fatal. 

Hemophilia in India

According to financialexpress.com, India has 1.36 lakh cases of hemophilia. Out of these, only 19,690 cases of hemophilia A have been recorded. This rare genetic blood disease has affected fewer people, but it is a significant threat to their lives.

With the diagnosis rate of hemophilia as low as 13%, making people understand its threat and spreading awareness has become inevitable. Therefore, every year April 17 is observed as World Hemophilia Day. 

How is hemophilia diagnosed?

Having a history of hemophilia in your family is the most significant risk factor. Therefore the doctor tests the baby soon after birth. However, sometimes the baby might have hemophilia due to genetic mutation, even with no family history.  

To diagnose this blood disorder, the doctor conducts screening and clotting factor tests. A screening test helps identify whether the blood is clotting properly or not. Whereas to diagnose the bleeding disorder, the type of hemophilia, and the severity a clotting factor test is done. 

How is SeraSeal™ helpful?

Some medical innovations hemostats can reduce the bleeding in hemophilic patients within seconds. 

As the hemophilic patient’s bleeding cannot stop on its own due to a lack of blood-clotting proteins, they may suffer from significant blood loss. As bandages are not enough, there arises a need for a revolutionary hemostatic agent. 

Swasth Kare has brought to us SeraSeal™– the World’s first and Only primary hemostatic agent that stops bleedings in seconds. 

The active agents in SeraSeal™ are agar, Factors IIa, VIIa, IXa, and Xa, which are effective in Hemophilia A and Hemophilia B patients and all other forms of coagulopathy.  

Agar in SeraSeal™ adds another layer of hemostasis to a bleeding wound by binding to the patient’s platelets to form a platelet plug to seal the wound. Agar is effective in patients on platelet inhibitor therapy by binding to the ions of platelet phospholipids and cations from amine groups in the fibrinogen/fibrin monomers and tissue proteins to form a gelatin barrier over the wound.

Additionally, Phase 1 clinical trial had 24 heparin patients in both SeraSeal™ and cauterization groups, where SeraSeal™ achieved a hemodialysis mean collective time of 0.72 min compared to a collective mean of 10.00 min in the cauterized group.

The active factor Xa in SeraSeal™ bypasses the patient’s Factor VIII deficiency and catalyzes the standard coagulation cascade system at Factor X to form a Fibrin clot within seconds. The active factor IXa in SeraSeal™ bypasses the patient’s Factor IX deficiency and catalyzes Factor VII in the intrinsic coagulation cascade system, creating a Fibrin clot within seconds. 

To know more about this product, contact us today!

29 Apr, 2022

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