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There are 5 major challenges/limitations of conventional haemostatic agents in neuro-spinal surgeries:
  • Time to hemostasis is too long for venous bleeds (1-3 minutes), and arterial bleeds (5-10 minutes for small arteries)in conventional products
  • Current products obscure the wound site, making it difficult to see any hidden bleeds.
  • SeraSeal™ reduces blood loss by 90%, while the currently available products will not reduce blood loss.

Other products create a mass to stop the bleed, and that mass can lead to cranial pressure post-op. SeraSeal™ will not create cranial pressure, because the clotting time is so fast the fibrin clot that forms is very small. Current hemostatic agents are limited to only certain types of neuro-surgical procedures because other complex surgeries are known for heavy to severe bleeding, sensitive sites within the brain that would be vulnerable to cranial pressure from the size of fibrin glue, and fibrin glue has the inability to address certain tumors removal with a procedure.

Patient's Surgery

Some Neuro-surgical cases where conventional hemostatic agents would be restricted, and/or ineffective could be:

  • Aneurysm
  • Arteriovenous malformation
  • Certain tumours
  • Extracranial-intracranial bypass
  • Peripheral nerve tumour & more

Existing hemostatic agents that are left behind at closing will be prone to the possibility of producing an immune response. SeraSeal™, on the other hand, will not produce an immune response because it is removed from the wound site within 1-2 minutes after hemostasis has occurred through irrigation/suction.

Hidden bleeds:

Cranial cavity is hard to reach the injured bleeding site; Seraseal™ being liquid can be applied in approximate location to allow it to reach hidden bleed, which comes as a huge advantage to surgeons.

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