28 Jun, 2022

Sports Injuries & the Playground

Imagine you are a football coach and one of your players scraps his knee and is bleeding. You notice this, and you see that the bleeding is not stopping. What would you do? This is where a world-class primary hemostatic agent can be your partner in bleeding crises and help ensure your victory.

What do athletic trainers use to stop bleeding?

No coach or trainer at a school sports function wants to see their player or athletes get hurt or injured. However, bleeding and sports related injuries are unavoidable during physically aggressive games like football. In this case, the coach or the trainer should prepare to tackle any bleeding management or any other injury the player may have.

Safety Plan

Preventing or predicting these injuries during a game is not possible. Still, the coach should take a few precautions to give the player/athlete the best possible chance at victory and injury-free participation.

To create a safe environment for the players, the coach must address these areas:

  • Physical Examinations
  • Physical and endurance training
  • Inspection of the game equipment and facilities
  • Record keeping and supervision
  • Environmental conditions
  • Bleeding and injury management program

How do you stop bleeding in sports?

Bleeding, fractures, open wounds, and other injuries are frequent in physically aggressive games.

‘The coach needs the players on the field, not on the side-lines.’

Even when victory is on the line, the player’s health remains the coach’s priority. Therefore, during a game, it is a need to have a product that can stop the bleed within seconds, so that the player can resume playing if possible.

And this is when SeraSeal™ comes in for the win. It can stop the bleeding within seconds of contact, promotes healing, and the player can get back to the game safely without needing any bandages. .

Why SeraSeal™, you ask?

Brought to India by Swasth Kare, SeraSeal™ can arrest any type of bleed in seconds and has the potential to save lives. It would be the perfect addition to your First Aid Kit as it:

What do athletic trainers use to stop bleeding?

Irrespective of your preventive measures, injuries in the game are inevitable. And when these injuries happen, the coach is the one who is in charge. The more severe the damage is, the more actively the coach should involve himself in treating it. So it is always helpful to plan out preventive measures and injury management plans. The coach has to nurse the players back to the game if he is hurt and the wound is bleeding.

Therefore, the coach should prepare and be ready to face all types of injuries and keep the First Aid handy.

Do you know what the blood rule in National Basketball Association(NBA) says?

“If a player suffers a laceration or a wound where bleeding occurs or if blood is visible on a player or his uniform, the officials shall suspend the game at the earliest appropriate time and allow a maximum of 30 seconds for treatment.”

You need SeraSeal™

SeraSeal™ is the World’s ONLY Primary Hemostatic Agent that stops major hemorrhages in seconds and prevents blood loss, even in the presence of anticoagulant therapy or factor deficiencies, without the need for ANY of the traditional applications of pressure elevation, tourniquets, or cauterization.

Brought to India by Swasth Kare, SeraSeal™ can be applied by a syringe, spray, catheter, foam, trauma dressing, surgical sponge, bandage strip, or a swab. All products are stable with long shelf lives, require no preparation, and are immediately applicable to the patient. In addition, SeraSeal™ does not create chemical burns but rather accelerates healing for the patient.

When seconds count, SeraSeal™ can make a difference between life and death or victory and loss!

28 Jun, 2022

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