24 Jun, 2022

Can do more than just change your life.

You can change your clothes, and you can change your hair. But now, with the leading surgical advancements, you can also change your face and body.

Cosmetic surgery is the answer to the self-doubts and body image issues that a lot of people suffer from. However, tempting it may seem, one might sometimes have to pay more than just the money. It comes with many considerable risks.

These cosmetic surgeries carry inherent risks even when performed by a skilled and highly trained medical professional.

Here are a few procedures and the risks involved:


One of the most common forms of surgery among females and males is tummy tucks. However, a considerable number of risks during this surgery involve heavy bleeding and infections.


The high risk of excessive bleeding is associated with liposuction using the wet or dry method. There is an estimated 15%-45% blood loss during a traditional liposuction procedure.


The leading cause of postoperative complications or unsatisfactory results in facelift surgery is bleeding and hematoma. Therefore, doctors always look for ways to minimize the bleeding in facelift surgeries. The methods used are blood pressure management, drains, tissue sealants, hemostatic agents, etc.


Breast reconstruction is the most common plastic surgery procedure associated with bleeding complications. Breast surgeries like a free flap and breast reconstruction with a pedicled transverse rectus abdominis musculocutaneous flap have shown the highest rate of bleeding complications.


The Brazilian Butt Lift has been associated with the highest rate of deaths by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS). According to the research, as many as 3,000 patients die due to this surgical procedure.

SeraSeal™ is the world’s first and only primary hemostatic agent that stops bleeding in seconds. It is the newest medical revolution that can change the face of surgeries while arresting bleeding in no time and saving millions of lives.

Here is a list of plastic surgeries where SeraSeal™ is used:

  • Breast: augmentation, reconstruction, gynecomastia, lift
  • Abdomen: abdominoplasty, liposuction
  • Head, face, eyes: facelift, nasal surgery, lip augmentation, craniosynostosis
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • Chase hand and upper limb cente

Advantages of SeraSeal™

Hemostasis occurs within seconds; there is no inflammation, no edema, and no nerve or tissue damage. SeraSeal™ is a clear and colorless hemostatic agent which it does obscures the wound site, and it is effective in all forms of coagulopathies.

Hemostasis occurs in seconds:

  • venous bleeds: 1-3 seconds;
  • small artery: 5-10 seconds;
  • medium artery: 15-30 seconds;
  • large artery: <60 seconds

Benefits of SeraSeal™

  • Effective on all forms of coagulopathy: anticoagulant drugs, platelet inhibitors, factor deficiency
  • SeraSeal™ can be applied to all tissues, including the bone marrow.
  • Multiple delivery systems: syringe, spray, foam, scope, trochar, catheter, trauma dressing, battlefield dressing, surgical sponges, dental compresses, swabs, and bandage strip
  • No preparation can be used immediately.
  • Can be used in emergency/trauma cases
  • Reduces surgical time by as much as 50%
  • Reduces blood loss by 90% in upto 40% surgical procedures
  • No loss of tissue or adhesions & promotes healing.
  • Can be used outside of the clinical setting
  • Can undergo repetitive freeze-thaw cycles without loss of activity
  • Substantial cost savings through less surgical theatre time, fewer blood transfusions, less anesthesia medication, less pain medication, shorter ICU and hospital stay

Brought to India by Swasth Kare, SeraSeal™ is the answer to the bleeding complication faced during plastic surgery procedures.
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24 Jun, 2022

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