How to Stop Bleeding
23 Mar, 2022

Bystanders Can Be Heroes: Learn How to Stop Bleeding

In this blog, you would learn how to stop bleeding as a bystander and save lives.

Imagine it is a busy Monday, and you are walking to the bus stand when you spot a man lying in a pool of blood? You see that he has severely injured his leg. What would you do?

It is a person’s instinct to freeze at the moment before he calls for help. But unfortunately, this late reaction of the person can lead to unavoidable deaths.

As stated by UNICEF , every year, about 1.25 million and nearly 2,000 people die every day from road traffic accidents worldwide. But did you know, Around 40% of road accident victims die due to excessive bleeding before reaching hospitals?

Every person has the conscious and the presence of mind to call 112. However, even in these cases, the victim might bleed to death by the time the first responders get to the accident site. And in a few luckier cases, where the victim is taken to the hospital, he is unconscious and in need of immediate blood transfusion surgery.

You, as a bystander, do not need to blame yourself for this. In this article, we teach you how you, as a bystander, can be a hero and save a person’s life. It is just as important for a bystander to learn how to stop bleeding as it is to learn CPR. As even when the emergency trauma team is trained and well equipped to deal with this situation, the intervention of the bystander can help save many more lives.

It is not daily that we get out of our house and think that we would have to save someone’s life by stopping blood loss. Or at least we hope that we don’t but we might encounter a road accident, a hit and run case, a house fire burn or a gash from any tool, or any other trauma which resulted in bleeding. In such cases, the bystander just sitting back and waiting for the emergency personnel can prove deadly for the victim. Seconds could be crucial in severe bleeding cases.

A person can bleed out in less than 5 minutes from a bad wound. Therefore, the immediate reaction by the bystander can help save the victim’s life.

So now, after addressing the problem and the severity of the situation; what can a bystander do to save the victim’s life?

Here is a step-wise guide to saving a person’s life:

Step 1: You find the victim and the first thing is not to panic and call the emergency number. (112 in India)

Step 2: If the person is lying in the pool of blood, it is difficult to identify where the wound is. So you might want to roll up the sleeves or the piece of clothing and find the bleeding wound.

Step 3: The third step would be applying pressure on the wound. Take a piece of clothing and use it to put continuous pressure on the wound to help stop the bleed.

Step 4: This is an additional step that might eliminate step 3. You should try and get hold of an emergency first aid kit and make use of a simple hemostatic dressing.

SeraSeal™ is a must in your emergency kit. It is a CE-approved, and DCGI-approved product designed especially for emergency situations.

But Why SeraSeal™ ?

SeraSeal™ is the world’s first and only primary hemostatic agent that stops bleeding within seconds of contact. One does not have to have medical experience or any expertise to use SeraSeal™. Reducing the blood in seconds, it increases grants each individual the greatest opportunity for survival and preservation of tissue.

SeraSeal™ is a proven tool with unique features and benefits that make it a lifesaver in the hands of the bystander.

Brought to India by Swasth Kare, SeraSeal™ has the following benefits:

  • Does not need any preparation
  • It can be used outside hospital settings
  • Reduces blood loss by 90%
  • Stops all kinds of bleeding
  • Has multiple delivery systems

The above are the advantages of the revolutionary hemostatic agent that help the bystander save the victim’s life. And SeraSeal™ ‘s ability to stop bleeding in seconds makes it the perfect addition to your emergency first aid kit.

Contact us to know more.

23 Mar, 2022

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