How DEATH becomes LIFE

You must’ve heard of people being born with genetic defects, like skin conditions and structural abnormalities, but have you ever heard of people who do not stop bleeding? This bleeding disorder is called Hemophilia. In India, more than 1,36,000 people are diagnosed with this rare genetic bleeding disorder. War and road accidents are not the… Continue reading How DEATH becomes LIFE

Challenges faced by blood saviors

70% of your body is water, whereas blarticle in Business Linesood consists of 10% of the adult’s weight. And this 10% plays a crucial role during an accident or trauma. A successful blood transfusion can be the thin line separating life and death. First-hand responders have saved millions of lives with blood transfusion. Therefore, it… Continue reading Challenges faced by blood saviors

Blood Loss- The Lethal Killer

Blood? A lethal killer? It is a bit challenging to wrap your head around the fact that blood-the life-giver, can be the cause of your death. Donating blood is a humanitarian act, whereas losing blood could be lethal. #Did you know losing more than 40% of your blood could be fatal? Yes, you heard it… Continue reading Blood Loss- The Lethal Killer

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